Things to consider before investing in real estate

On behalf of Kaplin Stewart Meloff Reiter & Stein, P.C. posted in Commercial Real Estate on Nov 17, 2016.

People who are thinking about investing in a piece of commercial property in Philadelphia should consider the purchase carefully. Though commercial real estate can be highly profitable, there are risks with every purchase. The value of commercial real estate can fluctuate with changes in the economy, so it is important to assess the economic trends in each market.

Because location is usually the best predictor of a property’s value, it may be the first thing to consider before buying a piece of property. Many commercial real estate investors look for markets where prices are still low but rising. However, there is always the possibility that prices in an upward-trending area could flat-line or go back down to where they used to be. In addition to location, an investor should look at other factors like repair needs, zoning ordinances and parking.

One of the risks to consider with a commercial real estate investment is the fact that the investment is not liquid. After an investor ties up a large amount of capital in a property, recovering it will not be a quick and easy process. However, the eventual pay-off for a commercial real estate investment could be substantial, and there are ways to leverage the value of real estate and earn income before it is sold.

Prospective commercial real estate investors should visit the property that they are thinking about purchasing several times and gather as much information about the property as they can. Once the decision has been made to go forward with a purchase, they may want to have their attorneys look over the contracts and other documents before they are signed.

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